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LeeAnne grew up spending time between Houston, Texas and Buffalo, New York, establishing her unique appreciation of both southern and east coast cultural dynamics.  Descended from Swedish, Irish, and German heritages, with her mother a legal secretary, and father an electrician, she got her start performing in musical concerts and competitions in grade school. 


After gaining her mechanical engineering degree, she decided she needed to fulfill her dream of singing and performance, which led to her relocation to Los Angeles, California. While there, she trained and worked as a singer/songwriter, with various recording studios and producers in the pop genre, and released independent singles and music videos alike.


Wanting to expand her skills and sound, she temporarily relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, working with renowned vocal coach James Whittington (Vocal Edge) and producer Sean Giovanni (The Record Shop), ultimately releasing three independent singles to online distributors (“Turn It Up”, “Daddy Didn’t Raise No Fool”, “Brave Enough to Love”).

Now, having returned to Southern California and focusing on her continued growth into the acting sector, she has appeared onscreen in several feature films, short films, and online series, where she shows a unique ability to seamlessly pivot between drama and comedic techniques.  Having trained as an actor with Howard Fine, Carey Scott, and Andrew Benne, she continues to further enhance her skills to hone-in on creating a natural presence within her work.  LeeAnne also continues to add to her special skills and has expanded her on-going training into stunts and stage combat, tackling a genre that she is frequently cast in - action.

A few years ago, she lived through profound grief; it became clear to her that life is too short not to experience and focus on the things that fill your soul. She is here to make art about capturing those unique moments unique within the human experience – rare, extraordinary, and transformative.

Outside of acting, LeeAnne loves to stay active with hiking and international travel, and dirty every pan in the kitchen. She believes in pleasure, mischief, and adding a little bit of garlic to everything.

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